NER-GTM Oyter Project

Photos of the last measurement at the Oyster site, on May 23 2013.  Project coordinator, marine biologist Lauren Flynn.

NER-GTM Oyster Project


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HRD Toning

HRD Toning

For Wolfgang Clothing, 5 Points Jax, Florida - 6 de Mayo 2013

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11th Annual Florida’s Birding & Photo Fest April 18-21, 2013

11th Annual Florida’s Birding & Photo Fest April 18-21, 2013Ponte Vedra Beach 505 Guana River Road, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Local Phone: 904-209-4422
Nature Photography Workshop at GTM (Ponte Vedra) >
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Download the Program >

Download Flier >

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A dozen of oyster reefs come to surface at low tide

Estuary, Feb. 8, 2012
The Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve -Oyster Conservation Project.
Project Coordinator Lauren Flynn.

NERR Oyster Conservation Project, Lead Marine Biologist Laureen Flynn
The Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve -Oyster Conservation Project, Lead Marine Biologist Laureen Flynn.A friendly ecosystem of over forty species surround this large musculus marine phylum; a large and different setting that the one I saw only nine months ago, when I promenaded at the banks of the GTM estuary.  Under the close management of Lauren Flynn, this project evolves, and a new set of reefs will be added next weekend (too bad I’ll be in Abaco).  At the present stage of growth the oyster population is healthy, clad with other invertebrates, and in twelve months they will reach full maturity.


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Camera 14MP-9PC
Tested the Intova IC 14 underwater camera last weekend in the Bahamas.  So far great results on acutance, detail, hue, gamma control, filtration, telephoto zoom, macro, panoramic, video and intelligent scene mode .
Light weight underwater case and flexible flash unit … looking forward to the underwater Abaco expedition and GreyCliff photo shoot, in two weeks.

See below a depiction of an area of a coral reef by using the tele-zoom (photo 2).


Long shot under 15 feet

Camera 14MP-9PC

Photo 2, same distance and angle of view

Taking a walk to Bay street?

The Colonial Hilton


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The Sea

The SeaWith each encounter over a span of forty years, this novelty consistently elicits new perspectives and inspirations…
“The sea is everything. It covers seven tenths of the terrestrial globe. Its breath is pure and healthy. It is an immense desert, where man is never lonely, for he feels life stirring on all sides. The sea is only the embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence. It is nothing but love and emotion; it is the Living Infinite. ”
― Jules Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

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A drop of h2o

Finally I found a moment to photograph and freeze a drop of water with my SLR.  It works at a PR of 1/32 or 1/64 with the Sunpak 5000 thrystor (GN=110).  I had to push the ISO to 800 to achieve the correct exposure times.  The tricky part of the experiment is to figure out the velocity of the water drop, and to synchronize the camera shutter to the target
(this step and focus must be set in advance).
P.S. entire experiment in the chapter “Hi Speed Photography” . 

Drop of H2o

1/64PR ISO 400 - macro lens attached to extension tube on Canon SLR, of course... Lima, Diciembre del 2012.


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Chicago beyond a dream…

Milenium Park
Images of my short visit to Chicago this Fall: of downtown, The Art Institute, Millennium Park bordered by Michigan Avenue, Naperville, and my favorite place, Wicker Park, West Town. Influenced by the surrounding German, Scandinavian and Eastern European communities in this compact neighborhood.  The artistic and intriguing flare of this 19th century Victorian architecture neighborhood, can be detected immediately on its people, their clothing, ideas, soft speaking and polite nature.  Wicker Park remindeds me of places I’ve been -places that have no address, nor time, yet when I turn the corner, there are mirror memories, recognizable by all my senses…


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50 & counting… Rolling Stones

50 & counting... Rolling StonesYou have to like these guys!

When most musicians follow the drummer, Charlie always follows Keith…
Just about everyone considers Charlie Watts to be the coolest man in rock, but he would be just as happy to be considered one of the coolest men in jazz more >>

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Back at the estuary…

Day 60 – Oyster Reefs Measurements

Lead Project Manager
Marine Biologist, Lauren M. Flynn
Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve Florida
Department of Environmental Protection
Ponte Vedra, Florida
Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve Florida Department of Environmental Protection Ponte Vedra, Florida

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